After school program

The teachers association (AMPA) at my school wants to create an English after school program where the auxiliaries de conversacion teach conversation classes to small groups of students. At first we were jumping on board because we thought they said each kid pays 20€ per hour long class and there would be about 5 kids in each class. But when we clarified payment they really meant it would be 20€ per kid per month, meaning about 5€ a kid per class. Dirt Cheap. In the end it seemed like less of a hassle than finding our own students who might flake out, commuting to their houses, dealing with awkward money negotiations and spoiled kids in their own environment. So we started the program. It really isn’t enough money to justify the work we will be doing in creating lesson plans, creating order, disciplining etc. but I’ll be earning an extra 200-300€ holidays included and if kids drop they will replace them, I’ll be teaching in a classroom with computers on hand and I won’t have to commute to anyone’s home so it’ll do for this year. Besides it will be good teaching practice and will force me to create and experiment with new group lessons and esl games. Although I could make more money with my own private after school lessons, this is a steady check and one on one lessons can become boring so it might be nice to have a group so they can play off each other. We’ll see how it goes.


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