Living with neighbors…

7pm: commences pipe banging and mother scolding.
8pm: construction workers “finish” upstairs demo for the day
8pm: commence Nuño furniture rearrangement (dragging)
9pm: Continue dragging plus added playtime jumping, radiator banging and stomping.
10pm: Commence Nuño crying (dinner/bath time?) Bath time is worse.
10:15pm: Parental mocking of Nuno’s pain begins.
10:30pm: Nuño crys louder, parents laugh louder.
11:00pm: Nuño’s cries continue much louder. Parents ignore, siblings start to mock.
11:15pm: Nuño stops crying? starts “rehearsing” with his recorder.
12:00am Mother starts sweeping, vacuuming, moving furniture, arguing with someone. Nuño is still jumping/playing and maybe peeing in the corner of the room?
12:30am: silence. …maybe
3:40am: furniture dragging commences.
5:40am: much louder. (or if it is the weekend expect a vicious domestic quarrel which bring the police)
6:20am: I guess I’ll go to work.


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