thanksgiving bulletin boardLuckily at the school I work at they have never asked me to create a Thanksgiving Day presentation, otherwise I wouldn’t know how to approach it.  But this year I decorated the English board with a Thanksgiving Day turkey theme.  I wanted to pay tribute to this majestic animal that Ben Franklin thought should have been our national bird.  I agree with Ben but I am biased because I had baby turkeys while I was growing up and Ben was one of my idols as a kid.  So for the Bulletin board I wrote up 13 facts about turkeys in English and with Spanish translation.  The kids had to lift up the flaps to read the facts; I thought that would make it more enticing.  Being vegetarian I may have added one or 2 eye-openers as well.   And fact number 13 was a picture of me as a baby with my baby turkeys plus a little written fact about me, I think it was the one they looked at the most.

Besides the facts I also had my 4th grade class write up things they are thankful for on big turkey feathers and we used them to make a rather beautiful turkey centerpiece for the board.

The English board definitely gets more action when I add in a Spanish translation, it is a lot more work for me but the response is wonderful.


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