Renewing the TIE Part 2

So I arrived back in Spain with no problems and a new contract with the Comunidad de Madrid’s Auxiliar de Conversación Program.  I wasn’t in a rush to sort things out with my new residency card because I still had my old expired TIE and no one seemed to question the expiration date.  But eventually I got my act together and set things in motion.

I never received my letter from the government where they tell you that your renovation has been accepted and send you an appointment date to start the process.  Instead I checked my status online here.

Even though I never received a letter, my status was favorable.  So next I made an appointment to finish the paperwork.  I didn’t go to Aluche to make the appointment like most people advise.  Instead I made the appointment online and arrived with no problem.  Don’t forget to print your appointment date and bring it with you to Aluche.  They will also inform you online of the documents you need to bring with you.  I needed 2 new photos for my new card and the photos had to be different from last year’s card.

To make an appointment for your hulleas (fingerprints) click here and fill out the form correctly. You can also make other appointments at this site.

If you are ever lost or can’t get a website to work, if you are trying to deal with visa stuff in Madrid then search here.

Everything worked out fine and in 35-45 days my new TIE card was ready.  Actually I picked it up maybe 85 days late and luckily it was still there.


2 thoughts on “Renewing the TIE Part 2

  1. Thank you for posting very good information. I applied for renewal of my student resident card 10 days ago. My experience with applying last year is not good . Last year I got the favorable status displayed online within9 days of applying but I never received the letter of acceptance for about 4 weeks .They don’t issue a copy and ask you to wait to receive it by post which never happens .
    How did you manage to get appointment for finger prints without that letter of acceptance ? I need you guidance if you can spare some time.

    • Yes, you can run into problems when making a fingerprint appointment if you don’t have a some sort of paper showing your favorable status. I too never received any letter in the mail declaring my acceptance or favorable status. Instead, I checked online here:
      When it showed me that my status was approved or favorable, I printed that web page (and eventualy brought it with me as proof instead of the letter).
      Then I made an appointment for my fingerprints online here:
      Since I never received any letter in the mail, I brought with me the printed out webpage showing that my status was favorable, 2 photos for my new ID, and the webpage showing my appointment date for my fingerprint appointment.
      And everything worked out fine. They didn’t give me any problems for not having the mailed letter; the print out from the web page was sufficient.
      Good Luck! Hope that helps!

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