Dentists in Madrid

I am so over taking advice from the Auxiliar de Conversación Facebook Forum.  I have reached out to different forums and found the good with the bad but when it comes to searching for a dentist in Madrid you just have to try them all out yourself until you find one that is up to your standards.  Last year I went to a dentist who was highly recommended by multiple young girls ( I should have known better) and I went to him to get a routine cleaning and ask about wisdom teeth.  He arrived a half hour late to my appointment and spent 10 minutes ogling over my fake tooth (from a past bike accident) he even asked his assistant to come look at it because he had never seen anything as nice as it before.  The cleaning consisted of fluoride put on my 2 front teeth and little use of a water pick which he asked if I had seen one before because most of his foreign patients were amazed by it…I was disappointed.  My teeth didn’t even feel clean after the visit.  And when I asked for an x-ray he said he didn’t have the capability of doing them in his office if I wanted to find out about my wisdom teeth.  Instead I would have to go to another clinic and then have the x-rays sent back to him.

Overall he was a nice guy, good looking (thus the defensive young girl recommendations) but he obviously lacked experience.  Most people go to him because he supposedly speaks English, honestly that is why I went to him but he never spoke a word of English during my appointment, he seemed very shy but said if we needed clarification he would try to use English yet never did.

This year I tried a couple new dentists and found one that I really like.  They are located above Retiro Park, Dentyclass.  I called and made an appointment but apparently you can make one online and some nights there is an English speaking dentist.  I went to a Spanish speaking dentist but he was great.  First I made an appointment for a cleaning and it was wonderful, my mouth felt amazing afterward.  Then I made a separate appointment to meet with a doctor and get x-rays at the same clinic.  The x-rays were digitized, they put them on a CD for me to take to another dentist if I wanted and it all got done within 10 minutes.  The doctor was very experienced and he knew exactly what was up with my wisdom teeth and he knew my insurance wouldn’t cover the work so he wrote a letter to the company stating that I needed oral surgery because of this that and that.  I haven’t gone to my insurance company yet to see if they will cover me in an emergency situation, I just haven’t had the time off work to go through with it but I appreciate the effort that this dentist went through to help me get the work I need done and covered by my insurance.

  And I would recommend them to anyone in Madrid looking for the right Dental Clinic.


One thought on “Dentists in Madrid

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I had a very horrible experience with Bonadent Clinic in Madrid. They overbook and overcharge! Too many hidden charges which they don’t tell you about.

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