3rd Year Renewal Process

I decided to renew my place in the program for a 3rd year as a back-up plan. Since this is my second year in Madrid that means I can’t renew in the same autonomous community. So this year I applied to be placed in the Balearic Islands.

Documents you need:

-Letter of Motivation. This is your letter of intent explaining why you think you’re school/ the program should renew your position in the Auxiliares de Conversacion Program.
-Informe Del Centro. This is a form you need to print out. The director of your school needs to fill this form out, it serves as your letter of recommendation.
After you have these documents you can start the renewal process on Profex. This year they didn’t ask us to fill out a Solicitude De Prorroga so don’t kill yourself trying to find this form.
After you finish, print out the final page or Solicitud de la aplicacion Profex o del British Council with all your info data (make copies for yourself) and hand all these documents in to your director if you are applying to the same school . Make sure you have signed everything. Then your director will send it to the appropriate address.

But if you are renewing for a 3rd year and switching to a new autonomous community then you must send the paperwork yourself.

Here is the Address I used for 2014:
– A la atención de Itziar Alberdi (for Auxiliares from Australia, Belgium, Canada, USA, Finland, New Zealand, and Netherlands)
– A la atención de Victoria Hernández (Auxiliares from France or Ireland)
Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte
Subdirección General de Programas Exterior Educativa
Paseo del Prado, 28, 5ª Planta
28014 Madrid

If you are applying to be placed with your partner (who is also in the program) then write a letter asking to be placed near each other and send this with your application. It worked the first year for my partner and I but this time they placed us on two separate islands, so it is worth a try but sometimes it doesn’t work out as planned.

If you need more help or information you can find it all here.


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