End of Year Excursion

canoeYesterday was great.
Our entire school went on a field trip to a place in Boadilla, Madrid. As soon as we arrived monitors from the camp came, put our students into small groups and took them away. The adults were brought to the country club part of the camp and had a nice breakfast and plenty of time to chat and relax. We were free to enjoy ourselves for the entire day, no kids because they would be taken care of by the camp. So a few of us decided to go for a canoe ride; I thought it would be a pleasant mosey across the pond without much problems, I wasn’t too scared of falling in so I didn’t bother to change into a bathing suit. What a terrible mistake.
The teachers attacked! It turned into a splashing battle and we were all drenched by the end of the fight. The children had a great time too on the zip line, rock wall, canoes and playing all kinds of games. By the end of the day we were all sunburnt and burned-out. It was a blast.  I’m going to really miss my school.


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