I grew up with the winters of the Northeast along with the eastern bluebird, a beautiful and resilient little creature; my mother’s favorite bird.  Scientists say they are partial migrants and some aren’t even genetically programmed to fly south during winter.  But those that do are rarely solitary and tend to travel in pairs, flying very far in search for better weather and greater resources.

My partner and I are entering the world of traveling ESL teachers.  This blog will therefore be filled with our experiences abroad, tips, etc.

I’m not accustomed to talking about myself.  I’ve always enjoyed listening to others, their stories, problems, adventures.  I wasn’t blessed with the storytelling gene; it skipped a generation in my family.  But I am a thorough researcher and engulf myself in new discovery. I hope if anything to pass on some knowledge from my travels and share my experiences transitioning into ESOL teaching.

more about me here.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. hi there I have some questions about the 12-IX visa application..I am trying to write the letter of solicitude but I don’t know the true requirements..could you please give me some clues what needs to be included for sure or show me or tell what did you write in yours?
    I am going there as a volunteer..but wish to stay longer than 90 days… any help will be appreciated

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  3. Great information on this site. We are moving to Cuenca and I find your tips so helpful. We are in the process of getting a 12-IX visa in Canada before we leave. Do you have any suggestions for the letter of solicitude?

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