Renewing the TIE Part 2

So I arrived back in Spain with no problems and a new contract with the Comunidad de Madrid’s Auxiliar de Conversación Program.  I wasn’t in a rush to sort things out with my new residency card because I still had my old expired TIE and no one seemed to question the expiration date.  But eventually I got my act together and set things in motion.

I never received my letter from the government where they tell you that your renovation has been accepted and send you an appointment date to start the process.  Instead I checked my status online here.

Even though I never received a letter, my status was favorable.  So next I made an appointment to finish the paperwork.  I didn’t go to Aluche to make the appointment like most people advise.  Instead I made the appointment online and arrived with no problem.  Don’t forget to print your appointment date and bring it with you to Aluche.  They will also inform you online of the documents you need to bring with you.  I needed 2 new photos for my new card and the photos had to be different from last year’s card.

To make an appointment for your hulleas (fingerprints) click here and fill out the form correctly. You can also make other appointments at this site.

If you are ever lost or can’t get a website to work, if you are trying to deal with visa stuff in Madrid then search here.

Everything worked out fine and in 35-45 days my new TIE card was ready.  Actually I picked it up maybe 85 days late and luckily it was still there.


Autorizacion De Regreso (España)

My teaching contract in Spain is coming to an end, which means my TIE residency card will expire.  I will be teaching next year in Madrid but I have to go through the paperwork again.  So, I am in the process of renewing my TIE card but I will not receive a new card for 3-4 months and I will also be heading back to NY for 2 months.

So what will happen when I come back from NY and try to enter Spain?  Will they let me in without any problems? Probably, but I am taking the necessary precautions to avoid any trouble.

If you are leaving the country with an expired TIE or haven’t received your card yet and plan on returing within  3 months, then you should get an Autorización de Regreso.  If they give you any problems at the airport you can show them this form, they will stamp it and let you pass.

Here is what you need:

Application EX13

Passport. Bring your original hard copy and a photocopy of the main page.

NIE.  Bring your original TIE card and a photocopy of both sides of the card.

A photocopy of your plane reservations. Although they don’t really look at these it is wise to bring them.

Receipt from Tasa Modelo 790 Codigo 012.  You must pick up a  tasa form from any police station because the online version is not accepted.   The tasa fee was 10.10 this year; you can pay the tasa at any bank in Spain.

Your EX-00 Solicitude de Autorización de Estancia y Prorrogas that has been accepted and stamped or sealed with a sticker.  [See Renewing the TIE Part 1.]

A printout of your appointment confirmation.

Next move:

Make an appointment here. This is how you make the appointment: Select “Madrid” (or your province) and “Autorizaciónes de Regreso” from the drop-down menus. Click “Entrar” at the bottom of the page, and then fill in your personal information. Select “Solicitar cita” to make an appointment and proceed from there. Do not forget to print out the confirmation!

The appointment will be at the Brigada Provincial de Extranjería y Documentación, Avenida de los Poblados S/N, 28024 Madrid (Metro Aluche)

filasI suggest arriving one hour in advance.  You do not have to wait in the long line outside of the building.  Instead go inside and make a right towards the spiral staircase.  Sometimes there is a line trailing all the way down, ask if it is the line for the regresso because it can sometimes be chaos up there and the information line meshes with the regreso line etc.  The autorización will be granted at the appointment if you bring all of the required documents.  If you go towards the summer months be prepared for hour long wait times.

The autorización is valid for three months as of the date of issue, only one exit and entry, and serves for any trips you might make outside of Spain during the three months. If they take it and stamp it at the airport, train station, or bus station you will not be able to use it again and will have to request another autorización for any trips you take outside of Spain while your NIE is expired. So, if you are not asked for the autorización, do not give it because it can be used again (within the 3 months) if it is not stamped or taken.

Buena suerte!

Renewing the TIE Part 1

I am sticking with the Comunidad de Madrid’s Auxiliares de Conversacion Program for a 2nd year.  The program isn’t so amazing; they still have a lot of kinks to work out if they decide to continue funding bilingual schooling.  However, I am staying in Madrid because I was placed in a school which I have grown to love and for the most part the bilingual program/use of auxiliaries, works at this school.  I don’t know if it is because they have been a bilingual school longer  than others but I have heard some horror stories about other schools and even though I commute an hour outside of Madrid to my school it is worth it for the peace of mind and good teaching experiences I get at my school.  Sometimes I do envy those auxiliaries who were placed in schools in the center of Madrid and who get out at 1pm each day but I have learned a lot from my teachers and students and have even been able to put my teaching skills into practice which is more than some can say for the program.  Anyway, after the Profex renewal process I had to get the process rolling for my TIE renewal.

First, you need to have received your new Carta de Nobramiento for the upcoming school year.  If you don’t have this then you can’t start the process.  I received mine at the beginning of June ( I had reapplied in April).  The time slot you have to apply for TIE renewal is long.  You can apply 60 days before your current TIE expires and up to 90 days after (about 3 months after it expires).  So don’t worry too much because the process is quick once you receive your Carta de Nobramiento.

What you need:

1. Carta de Nobramiento for the upcoming new school year. Plus your past Carta de Nobramiento from last year.  I got away with not having color copies but if you can get color copies they look more official.

2. Two copies of the Renewal application EX-00. (From this link click the pdf file in the top right corner of the page)   On the application, under Prorroga make sure you tick the #3 box: “Titular de autorización estancia por estudios, intercambio de alumnos, investigación/formación, practicas no laborales o voluntariado (art.40)”

3.  Certificado de Aprovechamiento.  A recommendation letter from your school director stating you were awesome throughout the year and they want you back.  The Communidad told us we needed to have a certificado with a date close to the end of our term here, but I just used a copy of the same “informe del centro” that was required for the Profex renewal application which had a date from February on it.  The office of Extranjeros accepted it without a second glance.

3. Tasa 520 (Modelo 790/Codigo 052) only found online.  It is not the same as all the carbon copy Tasa’s we have dealt with in the past.  It is basically the same idea but instead it is 3 forms printed out on normal paper.  The bank keeps one sheet, the communidad another and you the final copy; All must be stamped by the bank.  They usually know what they’re doing.  Just make sure you have filled it out with the correct province #.  For Madrid it is Provincia 28. This year it cost 16,48 euros.

4. A photocopy of your TIE.  Your TIE is your identification card with your NIE number on it.  The photocopy must show both sides of the card.

5. A copy of your passport.  Just the main page with your ID picture.

Where to take your paperwork (you don’t need an appointment):

For fastest turnout head to La Calle García de Paredes, 65 (Metro Gregorio Marañón or Iglesia)

And if you forgot any paperwork or need to change your address then don’t go back to the same place but go to la calle Manuel Luna, 29.

In 3 months’ time I’ll find out if all my paperwork sufficed and if my status is “resolucion favorable”.  If all goes well then part 2 of the saga will commence.

Spain Student Visa Part 2 (In Madrid)

Once you have your Student Visa and are in Spain you can now legally start the process of extending your stay for 6 more months.  To do this you have to apply for your NIE number which is your foreigner’s identification number.

Since I am working with the Comunidad De Madrid as an Auxiliar de Conversación, I didn’t have to make my own appointment for my first visit; instead I went with a group of auxiliaries and a representative from the program when they emailed us our appointment date.  It was a long process and I was there for about 6 hours but in the end everything worked out.

These are the documents you need for your appointment:

-A solicitude or application form.  Which one you use depends on your situation but in most cases you use the EX-18 form.

-The Justificante de la tasa pagada (Modelo 790, código 012).  This is a form that you fill out and take to the bank to pay for your identification card.  It cost me about 15 euros; part of this form is your recipt of payment that you will take to your appointment.  The TASA can be obtained at the closest Oficina de Extranjeros or Comisaría de Policía; if you are an auxiliary then you will receive one at your first orientation.

Passport.  Bring the original and a photocopy of your main passport page and the entry stamp page.   I always make color photocopies to avoid any problems.

-Certificado de Empadronamiento.  This is a census record that you can obtain at your closest Ayuntamiento.  Registering on the empadronamiento places a resident of a town on the list of local inhabitants and is mandatory if you are staying over 6 months.  First make an appointment at the OAC in your district. You can even do this online; click “pedir cita previa“, on the next page under “Tipo de servicio” select “atención al ciudadano“, under “Gestión” select “Padron“, under “Oficina” select the office in the district where you live and finally select an available date. At this appointment bring your original lease or rental agreement.  If you are living with a group of people and aren’t on a lease then ask someone who is on the lease to come to the appointment with you because they will have to sign a form for you.  You both must bring a copy of your passport or NIE and the origional documents.  The place I went to on Calle Atocha is set up very much like the DMV but you should be out of there in no time.  Here is the application form you will need for that appointment.

-If you are in the Auxiliares de Conversación Program you will also need 2 copies of your Carta de Nombramiento, this is your placement letter.  This letter states why you are in Spain and shows proof of financial means.  If you are in another program or have a job contract you need to show a written communication of the reasons you are in spain (work, study,leisure) and justify this request with a contract of some sort.

-Bring a copy of your health insurance card and the original.  Some Auxiliares de Conversación hadn’t received their cards in time for the appointment and they let this slide because the Carta de Nombramiento states that we will have health insurance throughout the program.

-Bring 3 passport size photos.  They will be used for your TIE  identification card.

Once you have all these required documents, make an appointment for your NIE here.

The first dropdown box is for your region.  So if you live in Madrid choose “Madrid” region.  In the second dropdown box choose the right option according to your case:

 -For Students select “Autorización Estancia Inicial Estudios”

 –EU citizens select “CERTIFICADOS UE

 -And if you want information before you make your real appointment then select  “INFORMATION”

You will need to bring proof of this appointment with you so print out your reference number.

Go to the appointment at least one hour in advance as the lines are always super long.  Ask the people in line “Quien es la ultima?” and they’ll let you know who is the last person in line as it may be chaotic and people may be sitting in places out of order.

Try to speak some spanish at your appointment as they will appreciate it.  If you can’t understand any spanish you should bring someone with you who does because problems always arise.

After they collect all your documents and enter your data you will need to get into the line for fingerprinting (so don’t leave!), they should point you in the right direction.

Then you are finally done and in 30-90 days you can pick up your fancy TIE card with your NIE number on it!

Buena Suerte!

Spain Student Visa

So, I have been holding off posting my Spain Student Visa process only because I have not received mine yet and (I’m usually not superstitious but…) I don’t want to jinx it.  Maybe it is due to the 666 in my passport number or the little problems I had with my last visa but it has me crossing fingers and toes til this one comes through.

For one thing, I bought my ticket already.  Once I had the visa appointment and the guy said everything looked good, I just went for it since prices are rising every day.  But let’s get down to it.

For a Spain Student Visa (in New York)

You need to make a Visa Appointment at the Consulado General de España in NYC.  You can set the date online here but first you’ll have to register online.

Then compile all this information:

2 copies of the visa application. If you are unsure about how to fill out certain things on it you can always email me.  But they are pretty helpful at the consulate and probably would help you out if you left one or 2 lines blank.

2 passport sized photos of yourself to attach to the applications.  You can get them at CVS or Walgreens for $7-10.

-Your letter of acceptance from the university you will be attending stating your full-time status, health insurance info, etc.

In my case, since I am in the Auxiliares de Conversacion program I had to show my acceptance letter from my school; which contained information about the grant, the duration of my stay in Spain, the name of my school, address, and phone number and about the insurance policy.

I also made copies of this because you may need it to obtain your NIE card once in Spain.

-You need a money order from the US post office for $160 (this recently changed from $140 to $160)  But don’t worry about filling it out, they will help you at the office and usually they just put a stamp on it.

-A medical certificate.  This is just a letter from your doctor on their letterhead stating that you are healthy and not dying of yellow fever or other crazy jungle diseases.  If you need a draft for your doctor to sign I can send you the one I used.  It doesn’t need to be translated to Spanish and it does not need an Apostille.

State Background check.  This year you only need a state background check not the FBI background check which takes much longer and is only valid for 3 months.  You can get a NY state background check through L1 service.

But since you will need to take it somewhere else to get it apostilled, you need to do this when applying online:  indicate “Signed and Notarized Letter” as the reason for fingerprinting.  This will put the process in their computer as a “Records Review”.  So it will be sent to the right department who then notarizes a letter stating that your background check is official and can be apostilled.  You need this notary in order to get the apostille.

And if you were to get the FBI background check you would have to call them and request an apostille before they process your request otherwise all your waiting would be in vain.

-Once you have the background check you need to get it notarized with the apostille certification.  Don’t forget to fill out this form.  Then go to:

Department of State, New York City Location: 123 William Street, New York, NY 10038-3804 (for one day service)  You pay cash and walk out 10 minutes later with your papers all done.  But get there when they open at 8:45AM.

Or if Albany is closer to you:

Department of State, Albany Location: One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12231-0001 (but they will probably mail it back to you) which means you may need to bring a self-addressed envelope from FEDEX or UPS to avoid having to go back and forth.

make a color copy of your apostilled background check.  Because they want a copy not the original.  The original is yours to keep because you may have to use it to obtain your NIE card in Spain.

-A copy of your drivers license or current student ID.  I brought this with me but the guy didn’t bother with it.  Sometimes they ask for it.

-you also have to show proof of financial aid or a bank statement for over $1000 per month you will be there.  My letter of acceptance had this information on it already so I didn’t need to show bank statements.  I think you can also have a letter from your parents taking full financial responsibility and have that notarized.

-last but not least bring your passport!

It takes about 4 weeks for the visa application to be processed.  They don’t call you to pick it up, they only call you if something is wrong.  So pick it up 4 weeks from the date of your appointment at the Consulate you had your appointment at. Only between 1-3pm in NYC.  Or bring a self-addressed and pre-paid UPS.COM label to receive your passport back through the mail.

Best of Luck!