Travel Blogs and Info Guides

Travel blogs and other useful sites, by region.


Transitions Abroad

Expat Women

Matador Network


Cuenca, Ecuador

Captivating Cuenca  –one stop shop all things Cuenca

Cuenca High Life – be informed; news, events, etc.

Destination Cuenca -relocation help

Discover Cuenca Ecuador -great info and the video perspective is always nice to have

Ecuador Expat more visa info

Exploring Ecuador -tidbits on history, local etc. Cuenca and beyond.

Gogo Gringo living gringo in cuenca

Gringos Abroad random info


Christine in Spain

Como Consulting- relocation help + helpful blog posts

Spain Expat

The Just Landed Guide-exactly that.

The Young Adventuress-world travels/ auxiliares de conversación info



Madrid, Spain

Anglo Info

Dirt Cheap in Madrid

Guiri Guide

Mad About Madrid

Moving 2 Madrid relocation blog and services

The Cheap in Madrid-an inside guide to the cheap

Time Out Madrid-guide to going out

To be continued…


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