1st stop Ecuador

Now we leave for Ecuador, South America tomorrow.

We are going to scout out the area, see what job availability is like and visit some language schools.  There is not much presence on the internet so going there seems like the best way to make connections with potential schools.

But the main goal of this trip is to immerse ourselves in the culture and learn the language.  So over the next few months you will see how our travels unfold.


The Beginning

My journey began 4 years ago.  I finally left NY to live on the Western Coast; Portland, Oregon, a great transition ping point for those going through transitional periods in their lives.  It was an erratic and yet enlightening educational experience on life.

I reached a point where I yearned for more meaning to my life; this probably happens multiple times over a lifespan.  But I wanted to feel fulfilled rather than drained at the end of a monotonous work day, even to be drained and yet feel fulfilled would have been wonderful. I didn’t have enough time for family, friends or things that I cared to do.  My life orbited around a work life that seemed to perpetually weigh me down.

I left Portland behind to begin a new adventure; to travel abroad.  But how do you support a life of travel?  I am not a woman of wealth.  I work to live.  So I decided that teaching English abroad might be a way of supporting a lifestyle of travel  as well as satisfy the need to have a job that is worth it.  Granted the heydays of ESOL are over, I have hope that everything will work out.

I have learned that like the bluebird I am not a solitary flyer.  But I am lucky enough to have a partner with the same yearnings.  We both left Portland together and enrolled in a CELTA course in New York.  The course was intense and amazing. It definitely confirmed that teaching is what I need to be doing.  And I would recommend the program to anyone looking to get into ESOL teaching or even just to improve on your teaching skills.