Semana Santa Almeria 2014

semana santaalmeriaI am super upset because I forgot to bring my camera charger on this semana santa trip. Things have been crazy between planning this trip, tying ends up at work, helping the visiting parents, applying and interviewing for grad school; it has been a few crazy weeks. But I’ll never regret more not capturing the most epic Easter procession in Almeria on the night of Palm Sunday or Holy Monday. I was left dumbstruck, hypnotized by the power of the music. I couldn’t reach for any form of technology I was motionless. It wasn’t until my suegra hit me that I realized oh my god I haven’t been recording this beautiful moment, and maybe it is better that way but deep down I wish all the world could have experienced this incredibly moving night. Here is a clip after the most emotional cornet solo ended, the solo that left me weak in the knees and the soloist who disappeared in the wink of an eye. If anyone knows the name of this group or can link to an updated clip of this night and the solo, it would make my night.


Valentine’s Day in Getafe

I spent Valentine’s day not with my boyfriend but with a wonderful girlfriend and colleague at the Auditorio del Conservatorio de Getafe.  We experienced a wonderful free symphony concert, the director was Francisco Aguado Marti and the program was awesome.  We heard Navarro, Respighi, Kimura, Soutullo y Vert and ended with Bizet a wonderful end to the night.Banda de Musica de Getafe

I can’t wait for the next concert.  You can follow them on or even on Facebook.

Snowy Vienna

Austria during our Semana Santa break was just what I needed.  Being a New Yorker I really have missed the snow.  I have been traveling around for a while and haven’t made it back to NY for the beautiful snowy winters of the north.  This has made me a bit homesick at times but during March we had the opportunity to visit Austria and see Tom’s mom sing with the local choral from our hometown Warwick, in Austria.  Lucky for us and maybe not for many others, it was snowing like crazy when we arrived.

We explored every bit of Vienna while we were there.  It was a short visit but here are some mini highlights.

viennavienna viennaviennnavienna



Prohibido Centro Cultural

This is a must see museum.  A great guy named Eduardo has turned his home into an everlasting art project.  It is incredibly interesting and some of the artwork is a bit taboo for such a Catholic city like Cuenca.  Many of the locals don’t approve but it is a really cool place and a great youth hangout when there are events going on which are mostly music and theatrical in nature.

Check out the website: Prohibido Centro Cultural


Metal is alive in Cuenca. We’ve been to a couple shows at Welcome to the Machine, an old warehouse turned showspace.  The sound isn’t the best because the walls are all concrete and the roof is tin but it is always a good time and the music isn’t always metal.  You can also see some shows at Prohibido Centro Cultural sometimes; I’ll add pictures from this museo soon, definitely a must see here .

This band is Nemesek.