Bike Vienna

Take advantage of city bikes.  Many European cities offer bike rentals for a small fee, even some US cities are adopting the practice finally.  In Vienna the bike paths are not amazing but almost everyone rides a bike there so cars are used to commuter bikes.

So be at ease and rent a bike.  You register online and pay 1 euro to start which covers the 1st hour.  Additional costs are as follows: 2nd hour: 1 euro per started hour, 3rd hour: 2 euros per started hour, 4th – 120th hour: 4 euros for each started hour. Flat fee for exceeding the hours or loss of the bike: 600 euros.  And you can drop the bike off at any Citybike station.


Warwick Valley Chorale

viennaSince the 8th grade I had been singing with the Warwick Valley Chorale.  I was the first young kid to be a part of the group and introduced a huge influx of high school students into the group.  Many of the long standing members must hate me now for it but they may not remember me as the culprit.  I gave up on singing a long time ago but it still holds a place in my heart.

This year I had the opportunity to go see my old choir sing in Vienna because it so happens that my boyfriend’s mom is part of this Chorale.  So we headed to Vienna to meet up with them and it was really wonderful.  Many of the members that I had sung with have passed on but some are still singing and it was great to see them in Austria.  They sang in beautiful churches with incredible acoustics and the crowds were pouring through the church doors.  But besides that the best part was seeing the giant posters and publicity plastered around the city and the subway tunnels.  It was nice to have a little bit of home, so far from home.